Test Equipment

LAN Testers

Part No Description
T-TEST01 LAN/Patch Lead Tester LED

Wire Tracer

Part No Description
T-TEST04 Wire Tracer ‘F’ Set


The new AMDEX Lineman’s Test Phone has been designed in Australia for use by installers, repair technicians and other authorized personnel to enable line testing and temporary communications. Providing DTMF output only and being line-powered no internal batteries are required. A unique 20dB “BOOST”button, when switched on, allows the user to set aside the phone and still hear dail tone, speech etc. The “BOOST”function does not work on monitor mode. This model does not have a speaker phone facility.


Part No Description
T-TEST08-A Buttinski (without lead set)

Buttinski Head Set

Part No Description
T-TEST09-A Buttinski lead set

Digital Multi-Meter

Part No Description
T-TEST05 Basic Digitail Multimeter complete with leads

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