IDC Modules

Part No Description
F5PDM 5 Pair Disconnect Module (flanged for screw fitting) 

IDC Modules

Part No Description
F10PDM/AMFIL 10 Pair Disconnect Module suitable for use with Backmount and AMFIL/Profil Frames

IDC Earth Module

Part No Description
F10PME 10 Pair Red Earth Module

Module Earth bar

Part No Description
F-EB Earth Bar

Protection Module

Part No Description
F10PDM-GDT                         Loaded Gas Discharge Tube Protection Magazine for 10Pair disconnect module

Module Label Holders

Part No Description
F-LH Hinged Label Holder
F-LHA Backmount Label Holder

Module Marking Flags

Part No Description
FLAG1-10 Marking Flags 1-10
FLAG-10-100 Marking Flags 10-100

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