Cat. 5e Patch Leads

Part No Length Description
PL03xxx            0.3mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Yellow) use with Mini SOHO
PL05xxx 0.5mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL10xxx 1.0mtr Cat.5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL15xxx 1.5mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL20xxx 2.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL30xxx 3.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL50xxx 5.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL100xxx 10.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL10RED# 1.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
PL20RED# 2.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
PL30RED# 3.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
Other Lengths Available On Request

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